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Promoting responsible, cost-effective management in the Arizona liquor industry since 1993!

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Areas of Expertise

   Liquor License Applications

ALIC routinely processes 20 to 30 liquor license applications a month. You think you’re solving this problem by having your attorney do it for you. In almost every instance, your attorney will charge you four to five times more to do your application than ALIC.

   Act as Agent

Our Agent services are essential for out of state companies, individual owners needing to satisfy DLLC resident requirements, or companies needing someone other than an uninformed corporate attorney, corporate officer, or employee to do something they know nothing about.


Prior to a liquor license being issued by the state of Arizona, an operating owner or manager is required to receive Arizona Department of Liquor License & Control certified liquor law training.


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Since 1993 we've become the number 1 Liquor Licensing and Consultants in the state of Arizona. Here are some of our clients. To view all of our clients go to our Clients page.


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More Areas of Expertise

   Spot Checks

ALIC provides spot check services to contracted establishments who want to make sure their employees are operating in the best interests of the licensee.

   Compliance Meetings (Violations)

ALIC President Randy Nations is a retired Arizona DPS Liquor Agent. Because of his background, Randy knows how to address and resolve pending violations in the most efficient, cost effective manner.

   Brokering of Liquor Licenses

We buy, sell and trade liquor licenses. In Arizona there are three types of licenses that can only be obtained from an existing owner or through the Department of Liquor lottery.



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